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Our proprietary platform holds a clear competitive edge in the designer luxury market. 1Mag offers the hyper-specialized API components designed to support an unlimited number of vendors with a low barrier to entry into a vast marketplace.

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Unparalleled Access to the Finest Fashion from Around the World

At 1Mag, we source our luxury fashion apparel and accessories from only the best boutiques, outlets, and direct sources in Italy and throughout Europe, allowing us to provide a vast selection of goods from around the world. Once secured, they enter the API that manages the inventory, with each item going through a vigorous quality check and upon approval, the items are photographed by our in-house production team. Once complete, the merchandise is uploaded into 1Mag for clients to select the product that best meet the needs of their customers and sell at competitive pricing, eliminating their own inventory management and costly overhead.

The Technology of 1Mag

1Mag is comprised of three major components: Stockpile, Image Bank, and 1OMS.


A platform designed to be a single nexus point for product/inventory management from several vendors. The primary function is to normalize unstructured data obtained from individual sources and output clear, usable information via API.

Image Bank

A repository of all product photos. The photos are acquired from various sources and optimized for API client consumption. The product photos are first cropped and then moderated for optimal quality.


An order management system designed to track sales, orders, and fulfillment. It enables the processes necessary for products to find their way to customers quickly and efficiently.

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A diagram showing 1mag's sourcing and fulfillment process

Efficient, Confidential Fulfillment

Gain access to the most exclusive luxury fashions from Italy with the shipping method that meet your needs. We offer bulk shipping of our inventory directly to your distribution centers OR fulfill your retail orders with our white-label dropshipping service using your own boxes and materials and preferred shipping company. The entire process is 100% confidential and all information is always secure.